Don’t Stop Praying…

These are sobering times.  With massive wildfires out west, historic hurricanes in Texas / the Caribbean / eventually Florida, and a huge earthquake off the coast of Mexico, we are living in days of great uncertainty.  So much is happening so quickly; it’s hard to process it all.

In the natural, nothing good comes of such devastation.  Homes are lost, businesses washed or burned away, infrastructure damaged, and most of all, precious lives slip into eternity.  If we’re paying attention, it’s impossible not to be shaken. Yet in the unseen, God, the consummate and ultimate Redeemer, is working.  And He’s working through prayer.

Over the last weeks, I’ve been drawn to new places in prayer.  I’ve been compelled to pray with a passion and earnestness that eludes when things “seem okay.”  Tragedy, loss, and pain have a way of stirring God’s children to intercede.  Other priorities lose importance as seeking God’s intervention becomes paramount.

We’ve been given a privilege of inestimable value: we can directly communicate with the God who understands exactly what is happening on this planet and why.  I, an average, middle-aged man in West Virginia, have the honor of approaching my Father and asking him to help, redeem, and restore.  It’s beyond comprehension—not just because I can, but because my petitions actually move His hand!

There is no joy in the natural disasters befalling our world.  Further, there is nothing God-blessed or God-willed in the many humanitarian crises, unending wars, or constant threats of terror.  All these cause nothing but pain; yet, I am grateful that with each awful event, the people of God are spurred to pray, stirred to cry out for help, and welcomed into His Presence.  We are invited to boldly enter a throne room of unreasonable, yet certain, hope.

Don’t doubt it: God hears us and is moving.  He will bring beauty from ashes.  He will replace mourning with joy.  He will melt hearts and draw the lost to Himself.  He will…as we pray.

Stop worrying, stop predicting, stop lamenting, stop judging, and stop griping, but please, don’t stop praying.  Don’t stop asking for hurricanes to calm, flood waters to recede, and rain showers to pour out on wildfires.

Let the loss we see lead us to His heart.  God is good and will bring good.  Pray.


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